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Cembre offers solutions dedicated to the management of electrical cables for the automotive sector.


The automotive sector is made up of a vast range of companies directed at the design and manufacture, development, production and sales of cars, motor vehicles and industrial vehicles. On a global level, it is one of the most important industrial sectors in terms of turnover. Cembre provides companies in the sector with a vast range of products relating to the management of electrical cables.

Following the application of the directive 2000/53/EC - ELV (End of Life Vehicle), all the main vehicle manufacturers developed a shared project called IMDS (International Material Data System). IMDS is a computer system shared on the internet by means of which all direct and indirect suppliers relating to the sector can insert basic information concerning the composition of their products/materials and send them to the respective clients via a whole supply chain until they arrive at the vehicle manufacturers. This allows a more streamlined and safe waste disposal.

Cembre is part of this system and has inserted many codes of its range of products in it. Clarity and speed of information in the automotive sector are unavoidable requirements; by adhering to the IMDS project, Cembre supports its clients operating in the sector, confirming the characteristics for which it has always been valued: customer care and availability.

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