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ECODRILL Battery Rail Drill Rainproof


The new LD-16B-RP 36Volt battery rail drilling machine from Cembre attaches the renowned mechanical transmission of our existing machines to a casing newly designed to optimise air circulation around the latest developments in electric motor technology.
IP 44M allows operation when it’s raining.
RAINPROOF - ECODRILL features an innovative “drilling assistance” indicator of coloured LEDs which helps the operator to optimise the force to the spindle advance lever applied during the drilling operation and thereby to perform the task within predictable parameters of time and method leading to savings in battery power consumption while increasing the life of consumable cutters.
Time, effort and handtools required to set up the LD-16B-RP are dramatically reduced by its compatibility with Broach cutters having either “Quick” push/turn or Weldon shanks, and a front plate which accommodates a new “double-sided” template kit that allows the machine to be located on two different rail profiles by a simple inversion of side plates.
Two powerful LED worklights, perfectly positioned to illuminate the working area, bring enhanced safety and convenience to tunnel or night operations and can be set to function automatically via a control alongside the main Motor switch which itself also provides an indexing function and an interlock to prevent accidental starting.
Needs no combustible fuel or mains power: promotes safe remote working
Zero Emissions: ideal for tunnel and underground works
Very low acoustic impact: allows night work in urban areas
Low HAV levels: helps safeguard operator’s physical health




  1. Needs no combustible fuel or mains power: the powerful 36V 6.2Ah battery promotes safe remote working
  2. Zero Emissions: no fumes to pollute underground and tunnel working.
  3. Very low acoustic impact: allows night work in urban areas
  4. Low HAV levels: helps safeguard operators physical health
  5. Degree of Protection (Engine & Battery): IP 44M (EN 60529)
  6. Optimised effort: LED indication of ideal advancing speed during operation conserves power
  7. Powerful LEDs light work area: for precise positioning and safety in the dark
  8. Integrated battery: minimises size and weight
  9. Interlocked switch: to avoid accidental activation
  10. Fast fit broach cutter: compatible with Weldon shank and push/turn fixing types
  11. Rapid charging: 55min for full battery charge






  • Drilling Range: Ø7 ÷ Ø13 mm (with Cembre PE range spiral bits)
                             Ø13 ÷ Ø33 mm (with Cembre CY range broach cutters)
  • Max. railweb thickness: 50 mm
  • Degree of Protection (Engine & Battery): IP 44M (EN 60529)
  • Speed of the shaft without load: 260 rpm
  • Weight:
    - drill only: 14,1 kg
    - with battery and clamping device DBG-F2: 18,9 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 489 x 261 x 485
  • Battery: 36 V - 6,2 Ah Li-Ion with LED residual charge indicator



  • Safety alarms by means of flashing LED indicate: max current absorption, battery undervoltage or wrong insertion, diagnostic issue, battery/motor overtemperature, max continuous operating time reached
  • Accepts Weldon shank and “Quick” push/turn broach cutter couplings
  • A special design of the plastic casing optimises motor cooling
  • Multi-function operating button: ON-OFF with interlocking and step function for indexing the shaft.


IP 44M EN 60529 IP 44M EN 60529

Technical characteristics Other characteristics

Minimum diameter of the hole 7 mm
Maximum diameter of the hole 33 mm
Maximum thickness of the rail 50 mm
Battery material Li-Ion
Battery current 6.2 Ah
Battery voltage 36 V
Length 720 mm
Width 261 mm
Height 485 mm
Weight 18.5 kg

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