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The new CY broach cutter family is made by Cembre and has been specifically designed for optimum use with Cembre rail drilling machines. 


CY type cutters are suitable for drilling Steel rail quality grades 700-900-1100 (UIC 860.0).


Fitted with a Weldon shank, the CY family has an original cutting geometry and an additional coating of Titanium Nitride (TiN) with an high hardness and low friction coefficient which improves both the cut surface finish and corrosion resistance, while staying sharper for longer.


With these characteristics, the performance of Cembre CY broach cutters easily surpasses that of the A and A..L types previously supplied, by providing:

  • More holes per single broach cutter
  • Drilling time definitively lower
  • Better cut surface finish


To drill larger diameters, please contact Cembre.


Long range broach cutters type CY...L are required when MPAF RI 60 N, MPAF I UNI & MPAF NP4AM templates are used.

Alternatively, it is possible to use short range type CY… broach cutters and type PE… spiral bits with the following extensions:

  • extension PFA1+ pilot bit PPDF2 for type CY..
  • extension PFAD2 for type PE... spiral bits

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