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Comprising the RDS-14P railsaw and the “active” arm AA-RDS, Robokatta is a new concept in Rail Disc Saws.
Robust, powerful and designed for precise cutting and with a perfectly perpendicular cutting action, Robokatta is particularly suited to making the isolated joints integral to automatic signalling systems, where consistently accurate right-angle cuts in the horizontal and vertical axes are essential.

The innovative automatic mode allows the operator to be in control, but away from the machine during the cutting phase, and thereby exposed to:


  • Vibration: Zero
  • Physical Effort: Zero
  • Harmful Dust: Zero
  • Sparks: Zero
  • Exhaust Fumes: Zero
  • Acoustic Noise: Minimum


In manual mode, Robokatta offers a two-joint support arm for simple and precise operation in the cutting plane, minimising the working weight of the machine for the operator.


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